Cheap as Chips (and no chapping)

So, everyone has been talking about these Miners – The Matte Factor lip paints, I have them in Peach and Deep Red so here’s what I thought:

The smell is quite a strong sweet scent, that could put some people off, but fortunately the smell goes away a few seconds after application. They go on very nicely, and are great to have in your bag if you’re going to need a quick change of makeup; they are very easy and quick to apply.

The matte effect is excellent and looks really natural, I actually had someone double take when they looked at me, she couldn’t work out whether I was wearing anything on my lips, although they were a much brighter colour, the product seems to sink into your lips in a very natural way and actually feels very soft.  My favourite thing about them is that they feel as if you have nothing on your lips. They don’t dry out lips too much, my lips do get extremely dry and I love that they don’t rub away if you need to stick a bit of chapstick over the top.

They stay on reasonably well through a meal, and certainly don’t come off on glasses, but it is worth reapplying afterwards.

BEWARE: I don’t think the colours are named all that well, Peach is not really a peachy colour, but it is quite wearable for fair to medium skin, certainly much more wearable than the light pink. The Deep Red colour is a bit pinker than you would expect from a shade calling itself red, but again, that does make it a bit easier to wear and would be a really easy way to do a bright lip.
















Deep Red

Great price – £3.99, and although they are only available from Miners Cosmetics there is an offer giving free delivery until the 31st of January with offer in the back of the December issue of Elle


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