The Miracle of the Mildly Colour Changing Nail Polish

I have somehow lucked out and managed to get my hands on a little bit of Chanel nail polish in ‘Quartz’. So I immediately ‘Chanailed’ it up – thanks to EL for that new verb.

I was pretty unimpressed at first. Although the brush is easy to use – which, depressingly, is not the case with some of my other favourite nail colours – it looked very boring. It was a bit like they had just sparkled up some beige with the intention of passing it off as ‘demure’ which let’s be honest although we all want a classy, polished look, is not the most exciting of ideas.

However, as I wore it over the next few days, something magical began to happen. It grew on me. It has a brilliant quality of looking vaguely silver if you wear it with gold jewellery and vaguely gold if you wear it with silver. It’s perfect for literally any occasion, day wear, work, dinner, a night out, and literally goes with anything. Definitely the most adaptable nail polish I have ever worn. So thumbs up for chanailing in quartz.


I also teamed it with black for Halloween purposes – please excuse the chips.


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