Connect Four – Mascaras

There are tons of mascaras I could test, but I’ve started out with these four because they are in the same price range but have quite different properties.

1. Smashbox Lash DNA – £18.00 (only £16.20 in Debenhams at the time of posting)

This is the most expensive and has a very peculiar shaped brush, its twisted, i think its meant to be like the double helix shape of DNA? The brush takes a bit of getting used to and it is super thick so not good for precise application, it can go on quite clumpy but gives a very thick coat. Whilst it is a bit clumpier than I would normally like and did make my lashes quite heavy,  I wouldn’t wear it in the day but it is really thick and quite lengthening so very good for evenings. I do actually like this in case it’s not clear.

One other thing to mention is that getting it off is a bit messy, it seemed to dissolve in make up remover and end up all over my face. Not nice.






2. Bare Minerals Flawless Definition – £16.00

This is a lot more delicate than my normal mascara but I actually really like it. It is easy to apply, although it applies quite sparingly so you might need a couple of coats. The wand is precise and good for bottom lashes. It’s a great day mascara and certainly if you don’t want a really dramatic heavy look, this is a great option.






3.  Benefit Bad Gal – £16.50

This is my go to mascara, it has a big fat brush which makes it very easy to apply and get lots of volume quickly. It’s also much easier to get into the roots of the lashes than the smashbox one. Whilst it is quite a volumising look and layers nicely, it isn’t quite as heavy as the smashbox one and I would very happily wear it in the day as well.






4. No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara – £12.50

I don’t often use No7 products, but I was actually pretty impressed with this, I actually have it in the dark brown shade which to be honest is almost black. Apparently the brush is quite complicated and different sides can be used for different looks, but I just used it as usual and I didn’t have any trouble, and I did think that it seperated my lashes nicely. It didn’t feel heavy and with extra coats you can get a good amount of volume. I was pretty impressed with this product.

Worth a mention that Boots often do £5.00 off No7 vouchers, which would make this only £7.50 and by far the best value for money.






Bare Minerals:




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