Tin Talk

Just to let you know H&M are doing lipbalms that look like this:


cute, non?

they are only £1.99! Hurrah!

Let me be honest, they are not the worlds best lip treatments, but they aren’t bad, good enough to stick on under some lipstick or whatever, the tins are pretty adorable, and they feel somewhat luxurious and fanciful in your handbag.

Kind of like if you whipped out a cigarette case.

The smells are pretty ‘distinctive’  personally i think the Pomegranate one smells a bit like those white candy sticks you used to eat for some reason as a kid, clearly that is not to everyone’s taste. The Vanilla Ginger one is also quite sweet but a much more traditional lip balm smell, i mean there’s not really a lot you can do with vanilla is there?


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