January Nail Round Up

So three main nail looks this month:

  1. The I-Don’t-Want-The-Party-Season-To-Be-Over sparkley number
  2. The Oh-I’ve-Accidently-Painted-My-Nails-Jack-Wills-Tastic totally purposeful design
  3. The I-Really-Want-To-Own-The-Chanel-Nail-Polish-That-Looks-Like-A-Lagoon inspired underwatery look

So first up: The I-Don’t-Want-The-Party-Season-To-Be-Over sparkley number

For this I used kingly street by Nails Inc which is a really nice glitter nail polish, unfortunately they’ve discontinued it but have one called Electric Avenue which is very similar. I used Barry M Foil Effects in Gold on my index fingers. Not to sparkley to be desperate but just enough that I could pretend someone might still turn up with belated presents at any moment.

Sorry, but I can’t find a picture of this on my nails. oops.

Next in line is: The Oh-I’ve-Accidently-Painted-My-Nails-Jack-Wills-Tastic totally purposeful design

Basically, I just really wanted to team a blue and pink together so I picked the two most contrasting ones I had. As I’m sure you know the Jack Wills colours happen to be blue and pink and as it turned out the best blue I had for this was Indigo by Jack Wills. I am too cool for school. The pink I used is brompton place by Nails Inc.

Finally we have: The I-Really-Want-To-Own-The-Chanel-Nail-Polish-That-Looks-Like-A-Lagoon inspired underwatery look

This happened because i really want this nail varnish. The No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Dollar is a pretty similar shade (and a lot cheaper, let’s be honest I didn’t buy it anyway). So a quick coat of that, followed by another coat because it’s pretty thin and a bit patchy in places. Then a few dots on alternate nails in Mint Green by Barry M and Offbeat by Topshop.

Not Chanel, but then again, I’m not really a Chanel kind of girl.

Peace Out x



  1. EL

    I always love your nails – if only you could do mine too (or I had two right hands and the ability not to literally rub my wet nails on everything)! Also I am wearing some no 7 nail varnish right now – they do have some surprisingly lovely shades 🙂

  2. don’t you find the massive brush a bit irritating though, no chance of doing anything delicate with no 7

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