Spring Collections

I’ve had a look round at some of the new products being launched at the moment and these are my picks:


Valparaiso Pure Matte Lipstick – £18.50

If I were a hipster, I would wear this every day, I would secretly reapply it every 20 minutes so it never looked less than perfect and I would just sort of pretend my lips were naturally this colour.

Remember kids, being a hipster is very time consuming.


Nail Polish in June – £17.50

Chanel have released three new nail polishes, April, May and June, but June is by far the most summery and interesting  colour. It’s kind of perfect for Spring and Summer and balls and beaches and barbecues and brunches.

Bobbi Brown

Bluebell Eye Shadow – £15.50

Bobbi Brown have brought out a neon and nude collection that is pretty cool. The two eyeshadows are part of the neon bright half and both this one and the purple shade are pretty daring. I particularly like this one because it is not shimmery and so long as you’re brave enough this will look bad ass. If you’re planning any festival looks you might want to have a gander at the neon and nude collection.


Magic Liner in Black – £8.00

Topshop have released their ‘Sisters of the New Moon’ collection for spring. It’s quite shimmery, their definitely going for a sort of ethereal vibe here. However, they’ve only released eight products, my feeling is that there is more to come, so keep an eye out. Whilst I do think the lip colours are quite cool, I don’t think they are very wearable and so the thing I’m most interested in is a bog standard black eyeliner.

It’s not quite as broing as it sounds, the product is called ‘Magic Liner’ and it’s a marker liner with what looks like a very precise tip, which can be quite hard to come by. I have been impressed with their gel eyeliner in the past so I think this might at least be worth trying.


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