Valentine’s Day

Here is my Valentine’s nail design for you to do what you will with.

So little finger is Ebury Mews by Nails Inc, ring finger is Brompton Place by Nails Inc, middle finger is Hollywood Road by Nails Inc, index finger is Chester Place by Nails Inc and thumb is Red Passion by Max Factor.

The heart-ish pattern on the ring finger was inspired by all the art-deco designs going round at the mo, my favourite of which is from the beauty department blog.

On the hand on the left, the hearts are in Offbeat by Topshop and Chester Place by Nails Inc and on the right it’s Offbeat again and Brompton Place. The little heart on the thumb is also Offbeat.

I have also made my first ever whoopie pies! I made two batches, some chocolate ones based on the hummingbird recipe and some red velvet ones based on this post, the recipe is linked in it.

I used the cream cheese icing in both because I can’t really handle whoopie pies filed with marshmallow fluff as suggested by hummingbird.

I did give the heart shapes for the red velvet ones a bit of a go, but they weren’t entirely succesful, think I made it a bit runny (might have been something to do with the fact I couldn’t be bothered to convert ounces and sticks so I just guessed)

For me the hummingbird ones were way more tasty, I used the recipe out of their latest book Cake Days.

Remember if you are a single pringle this Valentine’s Day it is your duty to hunt out other singeltons and give them treats.

Spread the love x



  1. Gina

    Your cakes look amazing and positively heart-shaped!! love, your valentine x

  2. EL

    oooohhhh shotgun some treats! Plus your nail art is making me ashamed of my flaky nailpolish… I am inspired to do something more jazzy (and less chipped..)
    Happy Valentines you cheeky so and so xx

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