Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline – Lasting Drama – £7.99 (middle)

This is a GREAT eyeliner, the colour is really intense and it lasts all day, although sometimes I do get a little smudging. It is very easy to apply and I love the brush that comes with it, which is small, precise and washes well. I have been impressed with the length of time it took to go dry because that is the real let down with gel eyeliners.

Best of all is the price! It is normally £7.99 which includes the brush, a bargain in itself, but at the moment Boots are doing £2 off Maybelline cosmetics, that’s practically stealing.

Bobbi Brown – Long Wear Gel Eyeliner – £16.50 

This is more expensive but for colour it is definitely the way to go. I have three colours, Cobalt Ink, Forest Shimmer Ink and the now discontinued Bronze Shimmer. The colours are really strong and it lasts extremely well throughout the day.

The thing I don’t like about Bobbi Brown eyeliners is how quickly they dry up, and once dry they are far less workable than other dried gel liners. They are still usable with a wet brush and a bit of effort, but it is quite annoying especially with the higher price.

Topshop – Ink Liner – £8.00

This appears to have been discontinued for the time being, but I’m pretty sure they’ll bring it back out soon. (Topshop have been a bit weird with their make-up collections). They are still selling their gel eyeliner brush, which is very similar to the one that comes with the maybelline liner and is £4.00.

The liner itself is also similar to the Maybelline one, the pot is a bit larger, although I would rather have a cheaper smaller pot that is fresher. As with the others I find it easy to apply and it lasts all day.

My Pick: they are all great liners my favourite is definitely the Maybelline, although the colour range is brilliant at Bobbi Brown.

Next on my list: The MAC fluid line, they also come in a variety of colours, it’s a little cheaper than the Bobbi Brown at £14.00 and I’ve got my eye on Macroviolet.


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