February Nail Round Up

A scanty nail round up this month I’m afraid, I treated you mid-month with Valentine’s nails and my nails have been suffering a bit lately so trying to hold back on the polish. Anyway two looks for you:

  1. Pastel Patterns
  2. Half Moon Manicure

Pastel Patterns

I really want to be heading into spring/summer so I’m trying to coax it in with gradually more and more springy nail looks, this was the first a nice pastelly look based around Topshop’s Offbeat. So from left to right we have Charlotte Street, Pall Mall, Kingly Street, Offbeat, Crackle Nail Effects and Ebury Mews.

I just did a ton of different patterns with using a couple of different techniques which I will be going into over the next few weeks in more detail.

Half Moon Manicure

For the first couple of days I wore two shades Nails Inc’s Havana and Hampstead on alternate nails, I love these really neutral shades, very sophisticated and the gloss finish on these shades is quite glamorous.

This is the first time I have worn these shades and I absolutely love them, as per usual they are not available in the current Nails Inc.  range, it seems Nails Inc. and I disagree on what their key colours are, but I’m sure they are available on eBay. Havana is from ‘the beauty collection’.

Also just to say Havana is the pinky toned varnish but it’s come out much more pink in the picture than it is in reality, there isn’t actually that much difference between the two shades.

When they got a bit chippy I decided to refresh the look by painting over the top halves. I’ve already talked through using tape to two striped nails in this post so I thought I would do some classy half moons to go with the sophisticated colours.

It’s basically the same technique except you use hole reinforcers instead of tape. If you cut a small section out of the reinforcer it will lay flat to your nail and prevent any polish bleeding underneath the reinforcer. Then you just paint your colour over the top, leave it until you are REALLY sure it is dry and then peel away.

You may find you have to touch up the underneath colour a little if your hole reinforcers are super sticky but normally I find if you just paint a top coat over it smooths the join between the two colours.

I wanted to use a navy colour, but I couldn’t find any that didn’t have shimmer or anything in them so I went with this blue/grey from Topshop called Cloud.


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  1. Nice! What are your favorite brands?

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