Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

I reviewed my favourite gel eyeliners in this post and I mentioned that I really love the colours of the Bobbi Brown ones. I understand that most people stick to the classic black eyeliner because it easy, dramatic and oh so stylish, but I love coloured eyeliners so I thought I would show you how I wear mine.

I have three shades, Cobalt Ink (right), Forest Shimmer Ink (middle) and the now discontinued Bronze Shimmer (left), here’s how I like to wear them.

Cobalt Ink

When I bought this the woman at the counter put it on me and I took a quick pic:

I think she used silver moon eyeshadow on top. As you can see it looks pretty dark here, if you wear a thin line that is well defined it does look really dark and most people assume it’s black. However you can pick a shade that really flatters your skin tone and eye colour.

This is a look that’s mostly about the eye shadow, I used blue in the corner and brown on the outside and underneath. If I use blue liner it defines my eye whilst not detracting from the eye shadow. Here I am also wearing blue mascara (Benefit Bad Gal in blue), it’s all a bit matchy matchy.

This dramatic, graphic eye looks is a pretty quick, eye-impact look which I think is much more modern in blue.

It looks a lot lighter and more vibrant when smudged out rather than layered on in thin lines.

Forest Shimmer Ink

I was going for a slightly retro look here, I used white shadow across the lid and a brown through the crease. Forest is perfect for this look as it has the drama of a black eye liner, but is so much more flattering. It’s a really gorgeous dark brown tone, it’s warmer than black but it’s not at all bronzey although it has got gold flecks in it which are ridiculously pretty and flattering. Also sorry about the dodgy brows.

This is my vaguely-influenced-by-the-Olsen-twins-make-up. I’ve used Forest both above and below the eye and smudged it out a bit to draw out some grunge. It’s hard to tell in these pictures but I concentrated the product in the centre of the eye to get more of the round shape that is characteristically Olsen.

Bronze Shimmer

I’m quite upset that this shade has been discontinued, I think it’s beautiful, particularly with blue eyes, I haven’t tried Chocolate Shimmer but I imagine they are quite similar, although Chocolate looks redder.

This is a sheer metallic light brown colour all over the lid with a decent line of Bronze Shimmer and some black mascara. As you can see it can be quite dark (here it is built up with a couple of layers) but it is much softer than black liner.

This is just a really simple bronze eye shadow with some brown mascara and a very thin line of the Bronze Shimmer liner from the centre to the outer corner of both lids. This looks especially good on blue eyes.


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