Lush Lips

Chapped lips are not a novelty for me, in fact I rarely know anything different, however, a couple of weeks ago my lips got unprecedentally bad. The ol’ chapstick / vaseline routine did bugger all and I was actually in a fair bit of pain, so I tried a few new things and the one I will be sticking with is…..

Mint Julips Lip Scrub from Lush

Basically, you get a bit of sugar out the pot and rub it on your lips, it exfoliates them really effectively and leaves them soft as they come.

But the important thing here is the smell, THIS STUFF SMELLS AMAZING, it’s a bit like After Eights (mint-chocolate) and I don’t like mint but I love this. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this smell (although I’m sure they do exist). It’s mostly minty and fresh, but there is a hint of chocolate and sweetness. Oh wow, I am really enjoying just thinking about it.

They also do two other flavours: bubblegum and sweet lips, which is just chocolatey.

I have to say the bubblegum one scares me quite a lot (it’s bright pink and it smells of bubblegum, ew) although, when I expressed as much to the woman in the shop, she sort of decided I was a bit of a freak, so I guess a lot of people love it and aren’t afraid of bubblegum. I do really want to get the sweet lips one as well though.

But that is not the best bit. WHAT? nope. The best bit is that once you’ve had a good scrub you can just eat it. It’s essentially just sugar and oil so it’s perfectly edible and DELICIOUS. I keep mine in my bag for those moments when my lips are gross and I also really need a sugar kick.


Srsly, it’s awesome and you get all that for a fiver. Happy Days.


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