Things For Sick People

I was recently a little under the weather myself and these are the products I found useful:

1.Gentle moisturisers
When I’m ill parts of my skin do tend to get a bit dried out or – especially with colds – a bit raw, a good gentle moisturiser works wonders.

2. Cicaplast

This is a range from La Roche Posay that helps accelerate skin repair. I don’t use mine that often, but when I need it there really isn’t anything else. If you know you’re likely to get a red nose from tissue overuse then I really recommend using this regularly to prevent the skin rubbing raw. It’s often used for people who have had cosmetic peels so it really is an excellent renewal treatment, and you can use it on your lips as well.
3. Vaseline

My lips often get dry when I’m sick so a pot of Vaseline is always useful. Again, if you don’t have anything else this will help out raw noses too.

4. Shower Gel

When you’re ill getting in the shower feels like such an effort, you feel so much better for having done it though, especially if you come out smelling delicious. Personally, I really like anything by L’Occitane or Kings and Queens.

5. Face masks

When you’re feeling a bit better, but your skin still looks like hell, a face mask will make both of you feel better. The Liz Earle Brightening Treatment mask is quite nice, but if I’m honest there’s tons of great ones out there.

6. Cream Blushers

When you finally decide to leave the house again, a nice fresh cream blush will give you a healthy glow, whether you feel that way or not yet. My favourite is pawpaw by Jemma Kidd although I’m fond of the Topshop ones too.


One comment

  1. sleepingbootay

    Love this post! Such a good idea. There’s nothing worse than feeling sick… but looking sick as well really makes you feel worse!

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