Hair Routine

1. Shampoo – I tend to only shampoo my roots, when I rinse it through the shampoo cleans the rest of my hair well enough, and that way the ends don’t get to dry.

At the moment, I’m loving Head and Shoulders Citrus Fresh, because it is awesome for greasy hair, it’s also great for when you want to strip colour out of your hair.

2. Conditioner – Due to the greasy roots I only use this on the bottom half of my hair, I love pretty much all of the Aussie conditioners.

3. Quick Tangle Teeze– perfect for when you have just got out of the shower, I do a quick towel try and then use this, doesn’t induce a load of breakages and takes about 30 seconds.

4. Hair Oil – I use a hair oil once or twice a week, but I do try and leave it for a fortnight every now and then if my hair is getting used to it. My favourite by fair is the Moroccan Oil one I mentioned in this post. doesn’t induce a load of breakages and takes about 30 seconds.

5. Then I pretty much just leave my hair to dry, I have found my hair so much healthier since I stopped blow drying it. Sometimes I will stick some Sea Salt Spray in it which helps it dry all nice and texturey, and that is as much as I ever do really.


  1. Really want to try out the Moroccan Oil!

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