New Nail Looks

Firstly, just a nice colour combo using two of the colours from my Spring Nails post, namely Brook Street and Hyde Park Gate.

I love these two shades as they are fresh and really compliment each other, also they kind of remind me of those Refresher sweets. Anyway, you know I’m prone to a feature nail, this time I went for the cheeky middle finger as Spring brings out that side of me 😉

Plus I love Brook Street with my favourite sunshine lipstick which is MAC’s Vegas Volt.

Secondly, did anyone else come away from the Hunger Games thinking, “Man, I would love me some Effie Trinket nails!”

Well, I did, so I had a go at home. I did a much cooler look than Miss Trinket using Chesham Street by Nails Inc and Barry M’s Foil Effects in Silver. It looks awesome and is actually really easy to do. I just did a basic coat with Chesham Street and then used an old face painting sponge to dab on the silver. Some nails are a bit better than others, but it was my first go and I think it is a really nice, classy, evening look.

Picking a good base colour can really help with this look, ones with a bit of shimmer are great, Chesham Street has tiny particles of blue glitter in it so it blends more naturally with the silver.

I do love the warmer shades used in the film though, so I’ll probably try it out with something like that soon.



  1. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here:

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