Helpful Websites

Thought I’d share some of my favourite websites with you….


This makes me read books, and good ones too. I really like seeing all the books I’ve read and the ratings I gave them, it’s also given me some great recommendations as well.


I’m sure most of you know about this one, it’s just fun. I can collect all my visual ideas in one place, helps me sort out the sprawling mess that is the aesthetic appreciation area of my brain.


A website that stocks a variety of beauty products, at some pretty good discounts, the choice is a bit ropey and often the products are last season or whatever, but when you can pick up a £30 foundation for £3.50 inc. post and packaging, that’s pretty damn good.

Also, as a bit of an aside, does anyone else think ‘social networking sites’ a really useless umbrella term? Obviously sites like Facebook and Google+ you can only really use for social networking, but I find that pretty much every other social networking site I use I don’t use to network. For instance, Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr are classed as social networking sites, but I pretty much just use them to hoard stuff that I like, I don’t mind if other people see them, but I don’t use them with other people in mind and I don’t particularly interact with other people on those sites.

I don’t know who decides how to describe sites like these, is it a misunderstanding of the internet by more traditional media outlets, or is it a misunderstanding of the internet by me?

Got any opinions? Leave them down below….


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