This is a video from Dove, who are a sort of skin care, toiletries company in the UK and have a great reputation for using all sorts of different looking people in their advertising, whether that be age, ethnicity, size or even just freckly skin, they make a real point of trying to express natural beauty in all it’s forms.

However, I have found this new video particularly interesting, as when I look back I can think of a lot of my friends who probably dropped out of the activities mentioned in the video because they felt uncomfortable in their bodies, although at the time other reasons were given. Because of this I think it is again one of those issues that isn’t really talked about, but the reason I think it’s particularly important is becuase it is so easy to fix!

Your challenge for the day is to find at least one young person, who you know well (don’t be a creeper) and try and boost their self esteem in some way. Whether it be admiring something they’ve done, showing more of an interest in the things that matter to them, encouraging, or just plain pointing out how awesome they are, please give it a go, try and make a difference in someone’s life, in a personal way.

It’s campaigns like this that remind me that there are always ways to help people that are a bit more real than just fundraising for charities. That stuff is vitally important to, but sometimes your time and enthusiasm can make such a profound impact on another’s life, which is something a lot of people have a tendency to forget.

I love y’all so go out and share that love x


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