Aches and Pains?

I first discovered Tiger Balm on a netball tour, it releases tension and pain in muscles. It is really effective, and if your taking on some sporting challenge from which you expect to receive a lot of muscular pain I really recommend picking some up.

However, I started my exams last week and as a result I had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders. I thought I’d give this a go and it is really effective! I know a lot of you are either in exam season, essay season, revision season, or just working damn hard, so I thought I would share this little tip.

It’s a really nice sensation, you can feel your muscles relaxing and at £4.70 it’s a lot cheaper than a massage. I have the ‘White’ Tiger Balm, which is the ‘cold’ version, which basically just means it has a lot more mint oil in it.

Two little warnings:

  1. This stuff smells really strong, both versions have high concentrations of menthol so I would recommend using it before you go to bed or if you’re not planning on going out for a few hours. It’s not nasty it’s just quite overpowering.
  2. For some reason at boots these products have an age restriction, you have to be 16 to buy the red one and 18 to buy the white one. I don’t know why.




  1. Strangely, I’ve never tried this but sounds like a must have!

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