Empties – March and April

I really like it when bloggers do empties posts because you get to see what products they actually use up regularly, so I thought I’d give it go.

Here are the products I used up in March and April.


Effaclar Duo – La Roche Posay

I love this product, I’ve already expressed that love quite fervently in this post, and I use it around three times a week, although I’m loving it so much at the moment that I’m probably using it more. I bought this one in August and it lasted me till March, so not bad.

Mini Liz Earle Skin Tonic

I like this product, but I don’t think it does nearly enough to earn it’s price tag so I will not be repurchasing it.

Body Care

Dove Deodorant in Go Fresh

It’s all right at being a deodorant, not amazing, but the smell is so strong and repulsive I can’t stand it, been trying to get through this and I’m so happy it’s finally all gone.

Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter

Apart from having too many ‘butters’ in its name I really like this product. I recently found it in a corner of my room where it must have lain for at least two years – yeah, I know – so I know that it’s very long lasting, this particular one is a gorgeous sweet smell, I do like some of their fruity butters but they do smell somewhat unnatural for a body scent, not saying I naturally smell anything like Cocoa Butter, but it just seems to blend better, know what I mean?

Hair Products

Dry Shampoo – TRESemme

I like this because compared to other dry shampoos (Batiste, I’m looking at you) it’s quite light and doesn’t kill my lungs when I spray it. I do prefer the feel of it in my hair, but compared to other dry shampoos it is less powerful and you have to use more of it. Therefore I use this stuff up quite fast, I use it maybe once a week and I need a new can every month and a half. It’s also more expensive  than Batiste at £4.69. So I would only recommend it to people who can’t stand Batiste.

Citrus Fresh Head and Shoulders Shampoo

This stuff is brill, I’ve talked about it in this post, where I went through my full hair routine. Although I don’t love the idea of some of those chemicals on my hair, it’s great value for money and it lasts me ages. So it kind of wins.

Make Up

 No make up in the past 2 months, but I’m nearing on at least two products, so I’m sure you’ll see some next time.


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