A Drastic Change of Heart

Oh goodness, well it’s just the way it goes sometimes isn’t it.

So I’ve been using this shampoo on and off for the past six years and finding it really effective.

Then recently I mentioned it in two posts. (1, 2)

Then – I think to spite me – Head and Shoulders changed the formula.

And now I feel honour bound to inform you that I HATE IT.

I don’t know what the fools have done but this shampoo has two jobs:

  1. Soothe scalp
  2. Prevent grease

I’m sad to say that not only did it fail at those two jobs but it bombed them. My hair was greasy within 9 hours of washing and on the second day, accompanied by a lot of dry shampoo, my scalp was really sore.


I braved on, I used it again, same problems.

I honestly have never used a worse shampoo.

Moan over, peace out x

P.S. don’t you love my awesome photo-editing. Yeah boi.


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