Simple Summer Makeup

Especially in summer, I want quick make up that looks fresh and only takes a few minutes, I thought I’d share with you my usual routine for summery days, here goes:

No Makeup

Tinted Moisturiser

Some Collection 2000 Concealer (due to spotfest)

1. Base– generally I can’t be bothered with foundation so I just shove on some tinted moisturiser, currently I’m using Stila’s Oil Free Sheer Coverage which I got for £3.40 from cheapsmells. This is so simple, just plaster it all over your face and after about ten minutes it has all settled and gives a really nice effect, it also has SPF 30 which is really handy in summer.





2. Eyes – this look uses one of my holy grail products – the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit, this is a truly fantastic product that seems to sculpt an eye look out of nothing. I literally pop my finger in the pot and then smear it over my lid. Like the tinted moisturiser, after a few minutes it seems to settle into the skin make it look like you’ve spent at least ten minutes carefully contouring your eyes. MAGIC. I then just add a quick coat of mascara, not anything dramatic, maybe the Bare Minerals Flawless Definition or Benefit Bad Gal and that’s it.

Birthday Suit and Flawless Definition

Paw Paw Blush

3. Cheeks – This often gets left out, but if I’m really bringing the sunshine I use a cream blush because I love the more natural effect, and for this look you really can’t get any better than Jemma Kidd Make Up School in Pawpaw. Definitely my favourite blush, a really pretty peach colour that manages to look very natural but is also quite buildable.






Vegas Volt

Soft Coral

4. Lips – I first started doing this kind of make up to complement my Mac lipstick in Vegas Volt, it is another of my favourite products and it just oozes something summery. A cheaper and very impressive alternative is Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Soft Coral, I love this line of lipsticks and because they are moisturising it is better throughout the day than the Mac one.





I thought I’d also just mention the Max Factor Colour Collections in Pink Brandy, a slightly more muted tone than the other two, so more wearable, a little sheer like the Rimmel one but more pigmented, a really nice lipstick that you would get a lot of use from, but not quite as outright summery than the other two.

And that’s it. Literally takes about two and a half minutes, nothing fancy, I tend to use a brush with the cream blush but not for anything else because it’s not technical at all.
Anyway, this was a bit different, so I’d appreciate it if you tell me what you thought down bellow, and seeing as you met some of my all time favourite products today let me know if a post on them would be useful.

Ciao xx



  1. Great post and pics love your look!

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