Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare

There is no reason that cosmetics should be tested on animals. So I’m trying to look, more and more, at brands that don’t, and gradually phase out any animal tested products from my collection. This is particularly difficult with skin care (especially without spending a fortune) so I thought I’d try a few more Body Shop products.

A few thoughts on two members of the Body Shop Vitamin E range: the Moisture Cream and the Hydrating Toner.

Moisturiser £9.00

This is the day moisturiser from the range (confusingly with a black lid, whilst the night one has a pink lid). First impressions: I really like this moisturiser, it is extremely hydrating without feeling overly rich. I bought it to use on a few dry patches on my skin – I have combination skin, with the contrast turned up to the top – and it was pretty darn good on the extreme dryness.

Unfortunately, there is a downside. After about a week of enthusiastic usage, I developed a few small spots  isolated to the areas where I had been using this moisturiser. As soon as I stopped using it they went away, but not ideal. Personally, I feel like my skin didn’t really get along with the perfume and colouring in this product. Not really what you would expect from a company that brand itself as very natural, and quite annoying as I really don’t feel the need for a pink moisturiser, but hey ho.

On balance, I know that a lot of people do really like this product, and I will continue to use it, although, I won’t particularly reach for it unless I need that extra hydration. The overall judgement is that this is not right for me, but if you have dry skin that is not spot prone it is a pretty bad ass moisturiser, so knock yourself out.

Toner £7.00

I have always thought toner was a bit of a ploy from the beauty industry to sell more fancy water at jacked up prices. Then a while back one of the ladies in the Body Shop store gave me a sample of this to try out – by the way, Body Shop are great about giving out samples – and it is excellent!

I purchased the full size in April and have been really impressed. It really hydrates my skin and kind of just calms it all down so that I usually feel I don’t need any foundation day to day.

Value for money wise, I think it’s actually pretty good. £7 for a bottle of water with stuff in it doesn’t sound great, but it reduces my need to use other products and a little goes a hell of a long way, I am less than a thumbs width down my bottle.

I recommend popping a few drops on your fingers and sweeping it over your face rather than using a cotton pad because it’s a kind of ‘clingy’ liquid? Basically, it has high surface tension and sort of sticks within itself, so your better off putting it on your skin with fingers rather than letting it all absorb away into a cotton pad. Much more economical.

Anyway, really impressed with this, so I suggest you all go and ask for a sample next time you’re in store.


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