Neal’s Yard Rejuvenating Haircare

This shampoo and conditioner are formulated for oily hair and aim to rebalance and restore vitality. They are paraben, silicone, and sulphate free so your hair is safe from any long term damage, as well as being cruelty free and suitable for vegans.

First the good stuff:

They leave my hair very soft and shiny, it looks bright and is definitely somewhat rejuvenated. Very happy on that mark.

Also, it has a quite a unique geranium scent, which I wasn’t that excited about but I have grown to love, it’s really fresh and lingers on the hair, especially if you do some Loreal-style hair flipping.

Now the not so good stuff:

Although they are aimed at oily hair I can’t recommend them for grease-busting. I have pretty oily hair and it never lasts two full days with this shampoo.

The conditioner has a few more issues, firstly it doesn’t spread very well. I find I have to use more product compared to other conditioners, so it doesn’t feel very economical.

It also doesn’t leave my hair particularly soft, it’s not awful but I expect better and my hair is very prone to tangles which this does nothing about.

The verdict:

Overall, I love the smell, they feel like they are doing my hair good and they give great shine, but I think all of that is down to the shampoo and the conditioner does very little.

It’s pretty expensive stuff, both are priced at £11.35 for 200ml, although, if you live in middle class Britain you may notice they are always on sale in Waitrose.

All in all, I may use the shampoo again (although grease management is an issue) but I definitely will not repurchase the conditioner.


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