Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask


Another offering from the Body Shop, this time a tea tree face mask designed to lift away impurities in the skin.

It’s a clayish mask that dries on the skin, but doesn’t set like a clay mask. It has a really fantastic green colour, which leaves you looking like an alien, I love this, it feels like a proper chick flick face mask, although you have to be careful to get it all off.

Personally, I find after using it my skin appears a little brighter and calmed. In fact a lot calmer than you would expect having just removed a thick mask from the skin. It also leaves the skin feeling very soft.

I feel that it removes redness from my skin and calms blemishes without particularly removing them. However, I do think it removes impurities as in the days following using this mask I do tend to see fewer blackheads, which is always nice.

A few cautionary words: if you have a lot of spots this isn’t going to magically remove them all, however, it may help prevent future blemishes if used in conjunction with a good skin care system.

Also, as usual make sure you give the eye area a wide berth, tea tree can be a little tingly so steer clear of that thinner, more sensitive skin.

All in all I think this is a good face mask, at £9 it’s a bit more expensive than the Lush masks, but it will also last longer, in fact I find it lasts a pretty long time for a 100ml pot.


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