July and August Empties


Three Minute Miracle – Travel Size (75ml)

One of my favourite travel minis, my hair always suffers a bit when I’m travelling and this helps to limit the damage.

It’s not my favourite deep conditioner, I’m not going to buy the full size, but there isn’t alot of choice in mini form and this is a great quick fix. Ojon also do one but its £6.00 for 60ml, which seems a bit extreme, this is much more reasonably priced (around £2) and I will probably get another one next time I go away.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Travel Size (50ml)

I have totally come around to Batitste, I’m still not fully on board – I don’t own a full size – and I am not good with nauseating clouds of aerosol, but these travel sized ones are great. I keep one in my travel washbag at all times so I can just grab it and head out the door. Whether I’m on holiday, or staying with friends, it is really handy to have one of these for emergency moments. £1.50 and already repurchased.

Elemis Aromazing Shampoo and Conditioner – Travel Sizes (30ml each)

I was really excited to get these minis in a hotel, so I stored them up and have been using them for travel ever since. They come in very cute little bottles, which was definitely the most exciting part. I found that the shampoo cleaned my hair pretty well, although I usually found it a bit gross and dull on the second day (although not particularly greasy) but that might just be due to travelling. The conditioner is also pretty decent, my hair was reasonably soft and shiny, but not great to comb through. Both products have a nice fresh scent, and while I won’t be buying the full sizes as its pretty expensive stuff and I didn’t feel either were amazing, I am definitely keeping the little bottles to use in the future.


Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant

Just thought I’d stick this in to let you know I do think this is a bit better than other deodorants. It’s pretty new and is currently flaunting that newness by having a £5 price tag making it a few quid more expensive than the normal offerings. However, as a reasonably sweaty person (naiice) I do think it is a little more effective than my usual roll ons and have already repurchased it.

Make Up

Maybelline Mascaras

These aren’t empty but I’m chucking them as they are WAY past their expiry date, they smell a bit funny and I never use them due to the fact I hate them. As with most waterproof mascaras they are impossible to get off and have the added disappointment of looking crap, all blobby and clump-tastic. Gross.

Please let me know in the comments if you have come across a good waterproof mascara, cos I sure haven’t.

Maybelline BB Cream – Tester sachets

I really like this product, I don’t wear foundation very often so I am partial to a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. It has a decent SPF and does give your face a nice glow whilst still having a very light coverage. It’s a great summer product and is priced £8, in my opinion better than the Garnier offering which is £7.50. The only thing stopping me from buying it is Maybelline’s dubious animal testing policy, so great product, but currently it’s a no from me.



  1. I like the way you set out your post – with the product pics next to your descriptions. I love getting the Elemis samples in hotel rooms. They are great to use & I often take them home to use on trips

  2. Do you have a “factory shop” near you, the batise is only £1 in there for a travel size bottle, poundland also stock them.

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