Summer Favourites

It’s September and so finally summer is drawing to a close (although nobody seems to have told the British weather that) so I thought I’d do a little post on my favourite things this summer.

Denim Shorts

These shorts came out of a little DIYing of some old topshop jeans that had faded and no longer really fitted me. However, they look awesome as shorts, DIYing your shorts is a great way of getting exactly what you want from them, these are the perfect length for me, they have a small turn up and a slight bit of fraying but nothing over the top. For a great tutorial on how to chop up your jeans or just customise current shorts check out this video from Style Haul.

Plus, you know, they make my bum look great.

Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba

Jeez, i love this blush. I’m not massively into blusher, I think I own a total of four and two of those are gifts, but having found this I am way more interested. It is such a beautiful, natural colour on light to medium skin tones. Even better it costs £1.99! I love that one of my top three make up products this summer costs £1.99, in fact they are all pretty cheap, go me!

Air-Dried Hair

I haven’t used a hair drier in at least eight months and my hair is so much better for it. My hair is way less heat damaged, and it looks way cooler, plus in the summer why would you bother? I just give mine a quick tangle-teeze when I get out of the shower and then stick it up in a loose bun or something. Keeps volume and adds a natural wave. For more about my hair routine read this post.

No7 Mascara

My second make up love, is the No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara, I’ve been loving this stuff this summer as I have it in the Brown/Black colour and it can be quite natural looking but it really, seriously defines your lashes. It’s perfect for me as I’m fair so a mascara with a little brown in it looks better most of the time and I don’t like to be overly lashy most of the timer and the wand gives you really precise control of what you want your lashes to look like.

It’s not a going-out mascara but it’s definitely been an everyday favourite, it’s £12.50 at Boots, here (although I totes got mine half price as Boots are always doing offers on No7)

Revlon Lip Stains

I will do a full review on these soon, but I just wanted to mention that I picked up two about a month ago and I’ve really been loving them since. Great to wear all day, great on a night out, suprisingly moisturising and definitely a stain. They’re so good they have been tempting me to get some of Revlon’s lip butters… we shall see.

They are £7.99 and you can find them here.


Looking back on this summer there have been a some songs which have really stuck round my mind and I will probably always associate with this summer. A few of those:

Breezeblocks – alt-J

Freaks and Geeks – Childish Gambino (this one always used to get me pepped for revising)

The Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding

Ain’t Nothing Like You – BlakRoc

99 Problems – Hugo

A Few Last Bits

I just finished ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower‘ which I frickin loved. Definitely my favourite book of the summer. If you have any recommendations for anything else I should check out, music, books, products, blogs, hilarious youtube videos, now would be a great time to leave a comment and spread the word. Also let me know if you’ve been loving any of this stuff or what your summer favourites are.

Bye bye now xx



  1. Love the revlon Lip stains!! They are such a fab product & I really enjoyed using them this summer too

  2. Kate higton

    Revlon stains look like the Clinique ones but half the price.

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