Nuxe Travel Kit

I picked up the Nuxe Travel Kit from City Pharma in Paris, I didn’t mean to buy it but it was so reasonably priced at €6.90 and I have always wanted to try Nuxe products so it felt sort of inevitable.

The kit comes with five products in very handy sizes, so here come the reviews:

Eau Demaquillante Micellaire (35ml)

I like this product, it’s a micellar cleansing water suitable for sensitive skin, so of course it can be compared with Bioderma Crealine solution. It feels very much like Bioderma with the main difference being this as a strong rose scent. I do find the scent quite relaxing, but I think now it will also forever remind me of aeroplanes. It definitely cleanses the skin well and leaves the skin soft and reasonably hydrated. It’s £14.50 for the full 200ml version at feelunique making it pretty expensive, more expensive than Bioderma. I will definitely be sticking to Bioderma but if you have trouble getting hold of that and don’t mind shelling out a bit more, this is a great alternative.

Creme Prodigieuse (15ml)

This is the moisturiser in the range, and the one product that definitely isn’t my cup of tea. It’s an anti-fatigue cream which is formulated for more mature skin than mine. It’s packed full of anti-oxidants and while I can feel that it is doing my skin some good, personally I find the formulation too thick and not hydrating enough. It’s not doing any damage and I will continue to use up this sample but it just isn’t suited to my skin so I will not be purchasing the full size, which incidentally, is £19.60 for 40ml.

Fondant Shower Gel (30ml)

Finally, we are getting into slightly more reasonably prices, this is £8.60 for 200ml, which isn’t cheap but is pretty decent for a fancy shower gel. I really like this. It has almond and orange flower petals, and while I am usual an almond-detester I love the smell of this. It smells great in the shower and lingers quite faintly on the skin, which is great because I love the smell yet it’s not full on and you could still wear your usual perfume on the top. It doesn’t contain soaps or parabens so it’s all good stuff really.

Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream (15ml)

The stand-out product in my opinion, I never thought my stand-out product would be a hand cream. Weird. I’m not massively a hand cream person but I LOVE this, it is miles ahead of any other hand cream I have tried (and not to brag but I’ve tried some pretty nice hand creams) it is extremely moisturising, and the moisture stays in the skin, and the smell is heavenly. It makes me all the more tempted to get the reve de miel lip balm, but £10 for a lip balm, really?

This is £10 for 75ml, and while I probably won’t buy myself another hand cream (I keep finding half finished tubes of them) I will miss it and I may well buy it as a present for someone else.

Huile Prodigieuse (10ml)

This is a multi-usage dry oil, you can use it on your face, body or hair. It definitely has the nicest packaging, even the sample feels very expensive, but truth be told, I feel it’s one of those products that well-to-do beauty junkies will rave about but really isn’t worth all that much. It is pretty expensive, £28.30 for 100ml although it comes in lots of shimmery versions which are even more expensive and while it does smell lovely and leave my skin quite soft, I could definitely live without it, in fact I had to keep reminding myself to try it. Meh.

Overall, I really like the kit, I got it for a great price and because it contains products from lots of different ranges it has definitely given me an insight into the Nuxe brand. It is also really nice to have some quite fancy minis for going away, adds a bit of extra luxury to your holiday. And can we just talk about cost effectivness? I  got 105ml of Nuxe products for €6.90, that’s 6.5 cents per ml, full size  moisturiser is 49p per ml. That is quite a saving if you do the maths, and even though I won’t be buying most of these products again individually I do love them as a little kit.


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