Neon Nails

Oh I am so into neon! This summer I have collected a couple of bracelets, a bag, and recently a t-shirt, but importantly in the last month I have two brand new neon nail polishes which I thought you might like to see.

Firstly we have Hot Tub from Urban Outfitters, this is a real bright pink! I like the Urban Outfitters bottles, the contain a good amount of polish and look kind of snazzy. The only problem is this is not the polish they sell in the UK. I picked this up in New York (where they do 2 for $8, pretty good deal, no?), but in the UK they sell branded nail polish, who knows why.

(Also ha ha, look at me wearing a crop top, I can’t even remember what it is to be that warm)

Next up, we have Rare by Illamasqua. This is a proper neon yellow, like really neon. This is more expensive at £13.50 (but I got it as a birthday present WOOP WOOP!) But there aren’t that many really really neon colours out there and this is definitely one of them.

(From ma instagram)

I love both of these, they aren’t exactly subtle but they are great party nails and are guaranteed to make you feel a little out there. I’ve also been collecting a few glitter polishes recently so the next post will be on them, they give a similar ‘look at me’ effect but are buggers to get off, which does make me lean a little towards the neon.


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  1. swlabrmakeup

    I love the yellow one!

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