October and November Empties


WOO EMPTIES (who even cares)



I’m so glad I have finally finished this so I can tell you all about it. This stuff is the best make up remover ever. That’s it. That’s all you need to know. It can be a bitch to get hold off, but if you are in France it is in every pharmacy. Despite the fact that I use this every time I wear mascara, even if I’m travelling, it has taken just over 2 years for me to finish this 500ml bottle. Although my sister uses about a bottle a year, so maybe it’s just me economising, but I really don’t consider myself to be stingy with this stuff.

Basically it is amazing and if you are in France, find it on offer somewhere, because it always is on offer if you check more than one pharmacy and buy it immediately. You won’t regret it.

This formulation is aimed at normal to sensitive skin and while I have tried the one for oily/acne prone skin, I honestly think go with the red one no matter your skin type. It’s da bomb.

Okay ode over.

Liz Earle Light Repair Mosituriser

I can’t quite believe this hasn’t been in an empties post before, but apparently not. This has been my favourite moisturiser for the past three years. It is an awesome product for oily skin, it is gentle and definitely doesn’t strip the skin but is still extremely moisturising without being overly rich. Definitely one for younger skins and as we all know Liz Earle are a great, ethical (and not to forget British) brand, so no nasties.

Body Care

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant (Veteran of this post)

Let’s not chat too much in detail about deodorant, but safe to say I’m still really liking this deodorant and I kind of can’t live without it any more. Ok done.


Batiste Travel Size Dry Shampoo (Also a veteran of this empties post)

Still my favourite form of dry shampoo, I realise this is not the most cost effective way of buying dry shampoo, but I really hate the big bottles. They just spurt out way too much product and choke me to death. Can’t handle it. Love the mini bottles though.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Rejuvenating Geranium Conditioner

Smells nice, but otherwise I can’t really recommend it. Full review here.

Make Up

Bourjois Liner PinceauLiner

Failry nice liquid liner from Bourjois. I used to use it all the time but now I’m a full convert to the gel liner. That being said this is possibly blacker than my gel liner and its probably quicker to apply (depending on how cack-handed I’m being). However, although it was well loved and nearly empty, I just don’t use it any more, so its go to go and it won’t be being repurchase. Au revoir.



  1. EL

    I CARE – means I don’t have to go rooting through your bins 😉

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