Feeling Somewhat Resolute

Is it too late for resolutions? NO. I find I’m never ready to be too definite when new year comes around, it takes a few weeks for me to have a ponder about how things have been going and how I want them to go.

As a few of my resolutions apply to this here internet-space-thing that I have going on I thought I would share them here, plus this way they are written down and I can’t avoid them. I may in fact to a mid-year review. Oh how horribly evaluative.

Anyway here goes, if you have any good ones, leave them below.

  1. Spend a little more time with you guys. Yes, we all remember the sense of neglect around the October/November time. But I’m back and I intend to stay. There isn’t going to be a strict posting schedule or any targets to meet just me chatting to you guys about stuff that I like and that I think you might like. And as things get busy elsewhere, I resolve to try not to sacrifice you, because you make me happy 🙂 So no more month long gaps between chats, and all comments replied to and more comments from me on other people’s blogs, because conversation is fun. So if you want to chat, you know where to find me.
  2. Make more friends – don’t worry, I’m not lonely, an outcast or a recluse. It’s just that I met a lot of interesting, hilarious, intelligent and generally attractive people in freshers week. People who like cheese and University Challenge and picnic parties and Tiger beer and attempting the Jive in clubs. And then term progressed, time became scarce, I became really good friends with  about 20 people who I live with or who are on my course or who have to witness the weird colour my face goes when we exercise together. And thus, there are about 80 people out there who I think are really frickin cool but I am not friends with (we are of course Facebook friends) so I aim to spend more time with those people and maintain that throughout the term even when shit inevitably starts hitting fans. No longer will my relationships be defined by convenience (my two best friends live within six paces of my door. Lazy Flo.)
  3. Do you remember in September I said that my next post would be about glittery nail polish. No? Well I did. And I didn’t think I was lying at the time, but clearly I was. So I am resolute to write that post and send it out to you beautiful people sometime within the next year. Yep, that seems a loose enough time frame.
  4. Eat my greens – Flo and fresh veg will be united once more.
  5. Earn some cash. I have mostly considered myself to be a free spirit who doesn’t care all that much about money but as my dreams get bigger a little dough might come in handy to help make them happen. I want to travel and read books and eat nice food and buy some new lip products and donate to charity. These things require money, which so far I have been peculiarly bad at coming by. Plus I think some hard labour will be good for me, I need to remind myself that one of the many reasons I am doing a degree is so that in the future I can earn money in a more rewarding way than serving rich people champagne.



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