Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo



You may have clocked by now that I like Liz Earle. Or not, if you’re new here (in which case Hi, how are you? Join in the fun!) or if you’re unobservant (in which case LIZ EARLE IS GOOD YEAH) or if you’re just here for the pictures (in which case, don’t worry, I’m here for the pictures to, I’m fairly sure no one is reading this, their just repinning my pictures on pinterest, hence I can write a lot of crap).

So naturally (naturally, haha, because they brand it as ‘naturally active haircare’, sorry exams have made me a little crazy), I take any opportunity to branch out in my exploration of the brand. So when Mama and I are perusing John Lewis and she asks me if I would like to give this shampoo a go the only response is hellah yeah.

Preamble over. Opinions coming up.

Good things:

  • Super natural ingredients, not going to irritate your hair or scalp, not going to have any weird long-term thinning effects or strip your colour. 
  • Makes your hair super shiny, a great one to use before a big event.
  • Personally, I like the smell, like their skin care products it has a very natural, herby sort of scent, which is not at all over powering and doesn’t smell like shampoo. I’m fairly sick of my friends sniffing me and shouting ‘BLUE HERBAL ESSENCES’. Don’t ask me why they do that, they just like the challenge I think, but the Liz Earle is beyond them.
  • You really don’t have to use that much per wash, it foams up excellently despite not containing SLS.

Less Good Things:

  • Not great if you have greasy hair, I do have quite oily hair and my hair doesn’t last as long when I use this compared to a lot of other shampoos, I get a day and a bit with this one so I find it necessary to have some dry shampoo on standby. 
  • You have to rinse it out thoroughly, when I use it at home, no problemo, when I use it under my sickly uni shower I have to really go for it on the rinsing or else it clogs up my hair, weighs it down and causes a sort of tramp-like matted effect.

Judgement Time

Firstly, it’s £8.50, so its definitely a higher end shampoo but its not crazy, off the scale expensive. I love that I feel that I’m being nice to my hair when I use it and in 20 years time I won’t be cursing all the horrible SLS and silicones and parabens. That being said I don’t see it has an everyday shampoo, It’s a bit expensive for me everyday and I do feel that it can build up if used repeatedly. And the grease levels can be an issue.

However, having used it for a couple of months, worked out all these things and come to some conclusions, I now use it once or twice a week, especially if I want my hair to look swankily shiny for some reason and I am pretty zealous about rinsing. Used in this way, it is pretty excellent and I will be sad when I run out of it.


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