100 Days

100 Days

About a month ago I had a very acute crisis. It lasted about an hour and basically I felt I was doing a lot of things but doing none of them well. With a bit of perspective I can see that while everything I thought was true, the lasting consequences of me not noticing the situation I was getting myself into will be minimal. However, I made mistakes and now I’m ready to learn from them. I need to keep a better watch on myself, so whilst new year’s resolutions are hard to keep track of and often irrelevant by the end of the year, I am going to make goals for every 100 days.

Today we are 100 days into the year so I’m going to review my new year’s resolutions and make some new targets.

New Year’s Resolutions:

Spend a little more time blogging – that’s writing, reading other’s, leaving comments, replying to comments and chatting on twitter.
I still found it hard to manage the blog during term time, it wasn’t as bad as previously, because I planned ahead a little over the winter break. It would be unrealistic to post as much in term time as I do in the holidays, but I’m going to try and keep at it. I did read other people’s blogs more, which I aim to keep up.

Make a few more friends – diversify the people I spend time with at university and keep up with friends from home. 
Sort of – my relationships have definitely changed over the past 100 days, turns out I have less to share with someone I thought I would be close with, and the people I have needed and relied upon were not those I expected. Part of this is that even in the past 100 days I have changed. 6 months ago feels like yesterday simultaneously several years ago because of the amount I’ve changed in that period. I assume this is growing up, although I don’t feel any more grown up (see musical sentiments below).  All in all, I’ve met some great people recently and that is a goal I want to keep.

I had a resolution about a glitter nail polish post.
Yeah I’ll get to it – this one is a year-long resolution.

Eat my greens – Flo and fresh veg will be united once more.
Still a work in progress, I’m pretty good when I’m at home, and I’m making an effort at university but when I get busy I tend to forget about looking after myself.

Earn some cash. 
A wee wee bit – but I’ve got some plans for the summer now.

New Targets:

  • Keep making the effort to meet new people – I hope this remains a goal throughout my life.
  • Keep on top of academic work – I have a phenomenal opportunity and I don’t want to finish the coming term feeling like I half arsed it.
  • Be brave and be pretty – I’ve got a few decisions to make and whatever I decide I want to look awesome doing it. I’m going to make an effort to wear clothes I love each day and the season of the braid is definitely here.
  • Make travel plans – I am notoriously bad at planning but I want to see a few places this summer.
  • Earn some cash – those trips aren’t going to pay for themselves

My next 100 days elapse on the 19th of June – so I guess we’ll see how this experiment goes then. In the meantime have a think about making some goals of your own, 100 days is a nice length of time, just over 3 months – enough time to make some real changes, but not long enough to forget about your targets. I’d love to know if you join in.



  1. This is a really nice idea – much more manageable than a whole year! I know what you mean about six months seeming like a very long and short time at the same time, too. I might have a think about some goals, probably quite similar to yours!

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