April and May Empties



No skincare? What is this? I really don’t know.



Dior Pure Poison – Travel Size

Ooh finally finished a perfume! And a mini one at that, I’ve got a bunch of these Dior minis that I’ve been using recently, and this is the one I wore most. A really nice, sexy evening scent. I’d love the full size of these but I can never really get over how much perfume costs. This one is £66.00 for 50ml at House of Fraser.


DSC_0019Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo 

It’s got to the point now where I consider dry shampoo a necessity in the same way as normal shampoo and conditioner. This is by far the best one I’ve tried. Properly gets rid of grease without leaving the hair too white, or too heavy. Also smells quite nice and not overpowering unlike most dry shampoos. Really impressed and already repurchased, although it’s not cheap. It’s £5.99, which I think is too much for dry shampo

o, however, Boots will have an offer on if you wait long enough, and it is really good. Also the swanky packaging of this bottle is part of a collaboration with Erdem and looks very nice in the bathroom cabinet, but is limited edition.

Make Up

Clinique Airbrush ConcealerDSC_0016

This is clearly a well-loved fairly old one of these (still in the green packaging) and I’m going to miss it. I don’t really have enough time for sleep when I’m at university and so the dark circles to tend to creep in and these is my only weapon against them. I use the fairest shade and its pretty good, very light, doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any make up at all. This and my Dr Jart BB cream (seen here) were a great every day combo. I was sad to see this go, although I’m sure I will pick it up again in the future, when it’s on offer because at £16 its definitely a treat. I’ve currently replaced it with the Origins Plantscriptions Concealer, which I’m actually pretty impressed by.


Bad Gal Mascara in Blue

I got this as a present a couple of years ago and at first I was pretty skeptical but I actually grew to love it. It’s not at all as bright as the picture below but still, this is one of the pictures that inspired me to use it more. I just think it gave a pretty subtle cool edge sometimes but now it’s gone I’m not rushing out for a new one. The Benefit one has been discontinued anyway. In general I do like the Bad Gal mascaras, although at £17.50 a tube, you have to really like them. So in summation, used in the right way, I am indeed a fan of blue mascara.


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